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Pogue Reeder, Gina
Cunningham, Peter
Assistant Principal
Kragel, Mary
Lead Secretary
Martinez-Olaguez, Viviana
Assistant Secretary
Gallegos, Maria
Parent Liaison
Weppner, Katie
School Nurse


Important Upcoming Dates


Jan 16 Martin Luther King's Birthday - NO SCHOOL
Jan 17 Teachers Institute - NO SCHOOL
Jan 20 F.A.M. Night @ 6:00pm - Gold Gym
Jan 20 Variety Show @ 7:00pm Blue Gym
Jan 25 Student Late Arrival @ 10:00AM - NO B/O/C
Feb 15 Student Late Arrival @ 10:00AM - NO B/O/C
Feb 20 President's Day - NO SCHOOL

Blue & Gold - CHARGER NEWS


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society. The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason, but with no morals. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. - Martin Luther King Jr.

As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, I hope we take time to reflect on his message. At Churchville, we believe these words hold our truth. We want our students to achieve the highest academics and we also want to be a part of shaping them into adults with strong character and emotional resiliency. This is the true goal of education.

Second quarter grades are finalized and posted in PowerSchool. This long three-day weekend would be a great opportunity to reflect with your child on their progress and set goals for third quarter.

We will be holding our annual GeoBee on Thursday, Jan. 19th beginning at 8:30 AM until we have a winner. We always enjoy Bee season at Churchville! Mark your calendars because the Spelling Bee will be held on Friday, February 10th at 8:30 AM. All families are welcome to attend our Bee Assemblies.

Academic Night at York for our 8th graders will be held on Tuesday, January 31st at 7:00 PM. Our students will have their high school placements and both students and parents will learn about all of the academics offered at York. Following the general meeting in the Campbell Gym, parents and students will have the opportunity to attend presentations provided by the various academic departments. It will be an extremely informative evening. I hope to see every 8th grade Churchville family at York on the 31st.

We are happy to announce that we have a “tentative” date for 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. If there are no emergency days used this year, promotion will be held at 8:00 PM at York High School on May 30th. Our 8th grade students will not have to return for the last half-day on May 31st. If we have any emergency days, we will add one day for each day at the end of the year, pushing the promotion ceremony back by as many days utilized.

The stars have aligned to bring you Churchville's bright and rising talent on Friday, January 20th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. F.A.M.(Foods, Art, Music) Night kicks off the evening in the Gold Gym with a G.T.O. Bake sale, art club shops, and student art work. Proceeds from the bake sale and stores will be donated to ChildrenUP. At 8:00 PM, the curtain will open in the Blue Gym as the Variety Show takes the stage. Hosts will introduce our talented student acts, and includes a very special teacher performance! It is a must-see every year!

With the start of 3rd quarter, students will be beginning to explore key concepts in Health Education as part of their PE class, and we wanted to share some specifics about our curriculum. Should you object to a unit or instructional content, you need only contact the course instructor and an alternative activity will be provided.

At all grade levels, we will be covering Human Growth and Development. These units include State of Illinois mandated instruction on AIDS AND HIV.

Additionally, the content in 8th grade health was modified this year to comply with State of Illinois legislation related to sex education. In prior years, our instruction was based on an “abstinence only” program. However, as of January 1, 2014, all courses that contain content related to sexual education must provide instruction on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

We are thrilled to have six education students from Elmhurst College observing and working with Churchville students this month as part of their January term class entitled “Principles and Procedures of the Middle School”. These students will each have a Churchville teacher as a mentor (along with observing throughout the school) in order to learn about middle school student characteristics and to get a sense of how a middle school works. These students will also have the chance to take part in middle school activities. Coordination between Elmhurst College and Churchville is being handled by Mrs. Osgood. Mrs. Osgood retired in June 2011 after 36 years at Churchville as a teacher and counselor.

Focus 205’s Community Engagement Session #6, which was originally scheduled for Monday, December 5, will be rescheduled to Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 7 PM (location TBA). District 205 is currently processing the results of our recent Thoughtexchange survey, which will be an important factor in shaping the next meeting’s presentation. Please visit for complete information regarding the Focus 205 process.

Have a wonderful three day weekend.


Gina Pogue Reeder, Principal





Churchville Events 1/16/17 – 1/20/2017



Martin Luther King Day – NO SCHOOL

Teachers Institute Day – NO STUDENT ATTENDANCE

Computer Lab 3:30-4:20
Academic Study Hall 3:30-4:20
Variety Show Tech & Dress Rehearsal 3:30-4:20
LEGO Robotics Club 3:30-4:20
7th Boys Basketball Home vs. Jefferson 4:00
8th Boys Basketball Away at Jefferson 4:00

GeoBee 8:30
6th Boys Basketball Intramurals 3:30-4:20
Computer Lab 3:30-4:20
Academic Study Hall 3:30-4:20
Variety Show Final Run Through3:30-4:20
Tutor Tables 3:30-4:20
Athletic Study Hall 3:30-4:20
Science Olympiad 3:30-4:20
Organizational Group 3:30-4:20
7th/8th Boys Basketball Practice 4:30-6:00

Variety Show Performance Assembly 8:45
F.A.M. Night & Variety Show Set Up 3:30-4:20
7th/8th Boys Basketball Practice 3:30-4:20
F.A.M. Night & Variety Show 6:00pm
Variety Show Performance 7:00pm



La función de la educación es enseñar, pensar  intensamente  y pensar críticamente. Pero la educación que detiene con eficacia  puede ser la mayor amenaza para la sociedad. Lo  más peligroso puede ser el hombre dotado de razón, pero sin moral. Carácter más inteligencia - que es el objetivo de la  verdadera educación. 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Como honramos a Martin Luther King Jr. el Lunes, espero nos tomamos tiempo para reflexionar sobre su mensaje. En Churchville, creemos que estas palabras son nuestra verdad. Queremos qué nuestros alumnos alcancen logros más altos académicos y también queremos ser parte de su formación en  su etapa de adulta con carácter firme y resistencia emocional. Este es el verdadero objetivo de la educación.

Noche académica en la Secundaria York para nuestros estudiantes de 8vo grado se celebrará el martes 31de Eneroa  las 7:00pm. Nuestros estudiantes tendrán sus  colocaciones de la secundaria y los estudiantes y padres aprenderán más  acerca de todo lo académico ofrecido en la York. Después de la  reunión general en el gimnasio Campbell, padres y estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de asistir a las presentaciones  delos  diversos departamentosacadémicos. Será una noche sumamente informativa. Espero ver a cada familia de 8º grado en laYork el 31 de Enero.


Nos complace anunciar que tenemos una fecha "provisional"  para la ceremonia de ascenso de 8vo grado. Si no hay días de  emergencia que se usarán este año, la promoción se celebrará  a las 8:00 pm en York el 30 de mayo. Los estudiantes de 8vo grado no tendrán que volver para el último medio día del 31 de Mayo. Si tenemos cualquier día de emergencia de cerrar la escuela por falta del clima, agregaremos un día por cada uno de esos días al final del año empujando la ceremonia de Promoción por todos los días utilizados.


Las estrellas se han alineado para traerle lo brillante a  Churchville y el aumento de talento el Viernes, 20 de Enero, de 7 a 9 pm. la noche de F.A.M. (alimentos, Arte, Música) empieza  en el Gimnasio Oro con un G.T.O. Con Venta de pasteles, ventas de club de arte y obras de arte de estudiantes.  Ingresos procedentes de la venta de pasteles y los almacenes  serán donados a ChildrenUP. Se abrirá el telón en el gimnasio  azul a las 8:00. Y el show de variedades tomará  el escenario. Los anfitriones presentarán los talentosos actores de nuestros estudiantes, e incluyendoun desempeño docente muy especial! Es un deber- verlo cada año!

Con el inicio del tercer trimestre, los estudiantes estarán empezando a explorar conceptos claves en educación para la salud como parte de su clase de PE, y queríamos compartir  algunos detalles sobre nuestro plan de estudios. Si usted se  opone a una unidad o contenido de instrucciones, sólo  necesita ponerse en contacto con el instructor del curso y una actividad alternativa será proporcionado.

En todos los niveles de los grados estaremos cubriendo el crecimiento y desarrollo humano. Estas unidades incluyen lo que el estado de Illinois encomendó a la instrucción sobre el SIDA Y EL VIH.

Además, el contenido de octavo grado sobre la salud fue modificado este año para cumplir con el estado de Illinois y la legislación relativa a la educación sexual. En años anteriores,  nuestra enseñanza se basaba en un "programa" de la abstinencia solamente. Sin embargo, a partir del 1 de Enero de 2014, todos los cursos que contienen contenido relacionado  con la educación sexual debe proporcionar instrucciones sobre la abstinencia y losmétodos anticonceptivos para evitar el embarazo y las enfermedades de transmisión sexual. Por favor no dude en contactarse con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta.


Estamos encantados de tener seis estudiantes de educación de Elmhurst College observando y trabajando con estudiantes en Churchville este mes de Enero, como parte de su término, la  clase titulada “Principios y Procedimientos de la Escuela Intremedia". Estos estudiantes tienen cada uno un profesor en Churchville como mentor (junto con la observación de toda la escuela) a fin de conocer las características del estudiante de  escuela intermedia y para hacerse una idea de cómo funciona una escuela intermedia. Estos estudiantes tambiéntendrán la  oportunidad de tomar parte en las actividades de la escuela intermedia. La coordinación entre la Elmhurst College y Churchville es manejada por la Sra. Osgood. La Sra. Osgood se retiró en Junio de 2011 después de 36 años en Churchville  como profesora y consejera.

Enfoque 205 Compromiso Comunitario Sesión #6, fue originalmente programada para el Lunes, 5 de Diciembre, ahora será cambiada para el Miércoles, 1 de Febrero 2017 a las 7:00 p.m. (la localización será anunciada). El Distrito 205 está procesando resultados de nuestra última encuesta Thoughtexchange, que se enfocara en el factor importante en crear la presentación de la próxima junta. Por favor visite para información complete sobre el proceso de Enfoque 205.

Tengan un maravilloso fin de semana largo de tres días.


Gina Pogue Reeder, La Directora


Eventos en Churchville 1/16/2017 - 1/20/2017



Celebración de Martin Luther King Jr. – NO CLASES PARA TODOS LOS ESTUDIANTES


Laboratorio de Computación 3:30-4:20
Salón de Estudio Académico 3:30-4:20
Ensayo General y Técnico de Show de Variedades 3:30-4:20
Club de LEGO Robóticos 3:35-4:20

7mo grado Niños Partido de Baloncesto en Casa contra Jefferson 4:00
8vo grado Niños Partido de Baloncesto Fuera contra Jefferson 4:00

6to grado Niños Baloncesto Intramuros 3:30-4:20
Laboratorio de Computación 3:30-4:20
Salón de Estudio Académico 3:30-4:20

Último Ensayo Show de Variedades 3:30-4:20
Mesa de Tutores 3:30-4:20
Salón de Estudio Atlético 3:30-4:20
Olympiada de Ciencia 3:30-4:20
Grupo Organizacional 3:30-4:20
7mo & 8vo grado Niños Practica de Baloncesto 4:30-6:00

Show de Varierdades - Asamblea 8:45
Noche de F.A.M. 6:00-7:00
Show de Variedades – Noche de Actuaciones 7:00-8:00

7mo & 8vo grado Niños Practica de Baloncesto 3:30-4:20


Come meet with Superintendent Dr. Dave Moyer in an informal setting. This year’s “Coffee With the Superintendent” opportunities are again being organized by the PTA Council and are open to any interested District 205 parent or community resident. There will be no agenda during the approximate one-hour conversation. The second coffee will be held on Wednesday, January 25 at 10:00 AM hosted by Jackson Elementary School, 925 S. Swain Avenue, Elmhurst.

Superintendent Coffees will also be held on Monday, February 13 at 1:30 PM, hosted by Fischer Elementary School, and Wednesday, April 19 at 10:00 AM, hosted by Jefferson Elementary School.


The District 205 Foundation’s 2016-2017 Thiems Grant application is now available and may be accessed at this link. Since 1990, 596 educational grants totaling over $1.4 million have been awarded through the Thiems Grant Program. Teachers, students, administrators, parents or community members in District 205 are eligible to apply. Requested programs, projects, or instructional resources should enhance the educational experience of students, be clearly in support of and help to deliver relevant curriculum, and ideally demonstrate creativity and innovation.

Applications that contain technology or media components must include a technology review form. Please note the procedure and additional deadlines that are outlined in the application guidelines. All applications are due February 8, 2017 and recipients will be announced in the spring.


Plan to attend Focus 205 Community Engagement Session #6, Vision for the Future, scheduled for Wednesday, February 1, from 7 to 9 PM in the York High School Commons. Results of the fall Thoughtexchange survey will be shared, along with facility scenarios to address District 205's needs for the next 50 years, including a discussion of Lincoln and Field elementary schools, all-day kindergarten and increased STEM opportunities for our students. RSVPs appreciated, but not required. Childcare available for ages 3-12.


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