Churchville Middle School


Audience: Supply Lists

Churchville Middle School is proud to announce its continued partnership with 1st Day School Supplies for the 2018–2019 school year!  It's hard to imagine getting ready for next year already, but the next couple months will go by quickly and we all know how fast summer flies by.  You can check school supplies off your to-do list as soon as today! 1st Day School Supplies is a family-owned company who has been amazing to partner with. Supplies are of good quality and you will be able to pick them up at the school on Locker Day (date to be announced soon) and put them directly into your locker. No hauling them around or having to deal with them on the bus. Locker Day will be announced soon. I have personally have found 1st Day School Supplies to be convenient, easy and hassle free! Plus, the prices are competitive!


You can purchase your kit RIGHT NOW! Get started by clicking HERE!

Please take note at the bottom of the supply list for additional items required. Add-on purchases such as calculators, ear buds, back packs, lunch boxes, etc. may be purchased as well from 1st Day School Supplies, but are not always included in the kit. Please make sure you read through the list to see if you need to purchase additional items. 6th graders will get ear buds in the kit, but 7th and 8th need to purchase separately as they may already have some from previous years.  If your child is in choir or a specifically listed math class, there may also be additional things that you will need to purchase separately.  New this year:  Deodorant is required to be left at school in each child’s gym locker and must be purchased separately. Please read through all notes when purchasing. Please email Carrie Greene with any questions.


Posted by: Peter Cunningham
Published: 5/14/18