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Study Tables


Study Tables


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SOP  Study Tables

  • School Study Tables is intended to provide students with an environment where they can study or get assistance from peers and teachers in their academic subjects.
  • Study Tables meets Monday through Thursday from 3:30 – 4:15 p.m. 
  • Students will be able to move into and out of Study Tables intervention at quarters; and subsequently, have a different Tier 2 intervention added depending on the data review results.
  • Students will be in one Tier 2 intervention at a time, not multiple interventions at once. 

What are the qualifications for Study Tables?

  • Study Tables participation is recommended by staff and accepted as a positive academic intervention by parents/guardians and the student. 
  • Staff and parents will determine the number of attendance days (two, three or four).  Prior to an absence, a note from home, to the Attendance Office, is needed if the student will be in school but absent from Study Tables. Unexcused absences will result in immediate contact during the time of the scheduled Study Table session.  If student attendance becomes a concern, the grade level team, parents and administration will determine if Study Tables is the proper intervention to provide academic success at Churchville Middle School.
  • Students need to have at least 2 Ds/Fs in core content area subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) in order to qualify for Study Tables. If a student has one D, the teacher should be doing the intervention, individually monitoring.  Checkout for that class can be instituted.

Target Area to Review

Quarter Grades of core content areas (English, Math, Science and Social Studies)


Data to Review

Quarter Grades by grade level team of teachers.


Who will attend the meeting?

Required – Core Content Teacher Team (CPT), Counselor, Special Education Case Manager for the Grade Level, Instructional Coach, Reading Specialist and Administrator.


When will you do the data review?


4 times a year

The data review will take place on data day within 1 week of the closing of quarter grades.  It is important that teams discuss planning needs for quarter 4 analysis of data as well.  Students will begin study tables on a set date so that champing expectations can occur to facilitate consistent work procedures.   See master calendar for dates. 

Who will facilitate the meeting?

Instructional Coach, Reading Specialist, Team Leader and Principal.


Who will be the record keeper?

Study table coordinators will input data and attendance provided by grade level team teachers.

Instructional Coach and Reading Specialist will keep Intervention Monitoring Chart updated with current student being supported on all after school intervention.


Who will ensure parents are informed of progress; how will it be done?

A selected team member (based on a positive connection with the student) will meet with the student to share academic concerns and proposed benefits to the intervention support.  After meeting with the student, the parent will be contacted via phone by a member of the Grade Level Team to offer the after school support intervention and explain the partnership contract.  The translation line is available to communicate with non-English speaking parents. After speaking with the parent, a member of the Grade Level Team will send the contract home with the student to have the parent sign and return it the next day.   Signatures from the administration and counselors should be obtained prior to meeting with the student.  All returned contracts will be collected and housed by the Grade Level Team.  Parents are informed of progress through interims and quarter grades.

What Study Tables is Not

  • Study Tables is not intended to be a quiet/silent atmosphere.  If students need a quiet atmosphere in which to work, the team could consider an alternate intervention.
  • Study Tables is not intended to be a place where students make up tests or quizzes.
  • Study Tables is not intended to be a place where students can just invite their friends to accompany them.