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A Deal Written in the Stars...

A Deal Written in the Stars...

Apply to be a Yearbook Editor

Develop and design the 2018 Churchville yearbook! Applications are available in the main foyer and outside the art room (208). All applications are due Friday, September 8th to Ms. Skinner. Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 14th after school. 


Yearbooks are designed by students for students. They are 48 pages of full color photos bound in a hardcover. The best way to guarantee a copy at the end of the year is to order in advance. 


1st Deadline: December 1, 2017

Books ordered before December 1st are $20. Visit to reserve your copy! On December 1st the price increases to $25. 


Final Deadline: January 19th

Our final numbers are due to Walsworth. Get online to reserve you copy at


Questions? Contact Ashley Skinner,




Updated: 09/06/2016

Who - Advisor:  Ashley Skinner
What - Statement of Purpose: Yearbook
This group is designed for seventh and eighth grade students with strong skills in the areas of: design, writing, marketing, and project management. Students must apply for the positions of editors and photographers, and receive a teacher recommendation. Once selected for yearbook, the editors have access to computers, past yearbooks, and Walsworth's yearbook design site. Their first challenge is developing a theme for the entire student body. The theme is applied to the pages of the book, which the students are assigned and responsible for designing. In addition to designing the books, students also promote the book and help with sales throughout the year.
Those who take on the role of yearbook photographer are given assignments for activities and are responsible for shooting daily photographs. They are given a training session to inform them of appropriate times and places to take photographs, and what to look for when documenting the student population.
When/Where - General Meetings/Practice Information:
Weekly sessions will be held Thursdays from 3:30-4:20 in Room 208, the art room.
Why - 2015-16 Activities/Events/Trips/Competitions/Projects: 
Online Order option and personalization
Submission of Cover Design-Fall Deadline
Fall Sale-with daily raffle
Submission of 48 Pages-Deadline
Distribution with Video
This year's book is 48 pages of full color! 
The students maintained the Churchville tradition of developing their own theme and designing their own cover. This is unique to Churchville of the three middle schools. We sold over 300 copies of the book online and look to surpass that goal during the 2016-17 school year. 

Reminder to our Drivers! Order your yearbook

Reminder to our Drivers! Order your yearbook

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