6th Grade Team

6th Grade Team

Buckman, Elizabeth

6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher ebuckman@elmhurst205.org

Cerone, Danielle

6th grade social studies and 6th grade math

Creer, Suzanne

Special Education Teacher screer@elmhurst205.org

Cultra, Dan

English/social studies dcultra@elmhurst205.org

Floreani, Denise

Counselor dfloreani@elmhurst205.org

Freiberger, Cheryl

ELL Teacher cfreiberger@elmhurst205.org

Galarza-Geringer, Jacqueline

ELL Counselor jgalarza-geringer@elmhurst205.org

Hellstrom, Heather

Science/ Math Teacher hhellstrom@elmhurst205.org

Hyde, Lauren

Math Teacher lhyde@elmhurst205.org

Kulla, Charlotte

English Teacher ckulla@elmhurst205.org

Liljewall, John

Spanish Teacher jliljewall@elmhurst205.org

McCarthy, Meghan

Social Worker, LCSW and Family Support Facilitator

Miller, Ruth

French Teacher ruthmiller@elmhurst205.org

Nechvatal, Molly

REACH English / 6th Social Studies Teacher mnechvatal@elmhurst205.org

Rasine, Michelle

Special Education Teacher mrasine@elmhurst205.org

Regan, Maria

6th Grade Math Teacher mregan@elmhurst205.org

Richey, Peter


Schroeder, Steven

7th Grade Social Studies, 7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach, SS Dept Chair

Swiniuch, Katie

Special Education Teacher kswiniuch@elmhurst205.org

Walker, Jessica

6th and 8th Grade Science Teacher jwalker@elmhurst205.org

Wilson, Mary

Counselor mwilson@elmhurst205.org

Wustefeld, Jacqueline

Resource Teacher jwustefeld@elmhurst205.org

Welcome to 6th grade!

As a 6th grade team, we recognize the large transition from elementary school to middle school: locker combinations, schedules, new classmates, extracurricular activities, and academic expectations. We are here to help through it all. Our goal is to make middle school feel natural while challenging ourselves to think deeply and strive for new goals. As a grade level, we are committed to making 6th grade a safe, enjoyable, engaging, and unforgettable year! 

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