Unified Arts & Physical Education

In 6th and 7th grade, students get the choice of picking from the following courses: Art, Creative Technology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Industrial Technology, and Music.  Each course is a quarter long.  

These course are labeled:

Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 on a student's schedule.

In sixth-eighth grade, students have the option to select Choir, Band or Orchestra as a semester class.

In sixth-eighth grade, students also have the option to select Project Lead the Way as a semester class.

In eighth grade, students have the option to "elect" 2 UA semester courses.  Each course is a semester long and is more in-depth than 6th or 7th grade curriculum.

Unified Arts & Physical Education Teachers

Quarter DATES FOR UA ROTATION 2020-2021

Quarter (For 6th and 7th Grade UAs) Dates (reflect no snow days)  
Q1 8/24/20-10/23/20
Q2 10/26/20-12/23/20
Q3 1/6/21-3/19/21
Q4 3/22/21-5/28/21





Semester (for PLTW and 8th Grade UAs)

Dates (reflect no snow days)          

S1 8/24/20-12/23/20
S2 1/6/21-5/28/21


6th grade Unified Arts (UA)/PLTW classes are graded based on Standards

7th and 8th grade Unified Arts (UA)/PLTW classes are graded E, M, and N.

E = exceeds district standards (90%-100%)
M = meets district standards (60%-89%)
N = does not meet district standards (59% or below)