Churchville Art Club


Each art club member must pay a $10 district activity fee. This fee covers a year long participation in art club.


Churchville takes a, "kids helping kids," approach through their work with Children UP. Children UP is based in Elmhurst, while helping students in Uganda attend school and receive an education. Churchville's daily Snack Shack and annual F.A.M. Night help support the education of Okello Francis. Follow the link below to see how retired York faculty, Charlie and Betty Laliberte, are connecting students from around the world.


Join us on Tuesday, September 11th for our first art club meeting of the year. Can't make the meeting? Info sheets are outside of Room 208. Questions? Contact Ms. Ashley Skinner, 
Art Club Info Sheet

Who - Advisor(s):  Ashley Skinner

What - Statement of Purpose: Art Club
This group is designed for 6th-8th grade students to further explore their interests in the visual arts outside of the general curriculum. The club meets on Tuesdays and offers individual and group projects. Students in art club have access to a variety of materials based upon specific projects. Through art club students strengthen their creative problem solving skills and contribute to school events such as F.A.M. night, the drama productions, displays, and decorations.

When/Where - General Meetings/Practice Information:

Meetings are held in the Art Room 208 from 3:30-4:20pm.

Tuesdays-Open to all grade levels

Additional times are added based upon deadlines, and are subject to change with the school schedule.

 2015-16 Activities/Events/Trips/Competitions/Projects: 

  • Tie Dye
  • Fall Play Sets
  • Preparation of Items to Sell at F.A.M. Night
  • F.A.M. Night
  • Spring Musical Sets
  • Variety Show Set
  • Studio space for independent projects
  • Sign for the QUAD
  • Mural in the Pod
  • Vases for Teacher Appreciation Week

WOW - Highlights/Summary of Season Results: 

The sets for the drama productions added a strong visual to aid in the storytelling and were completed with professional quality.

Students participated in F.A.M. Night by creating their own booths, and selling their own artwork. They combined their knowledge of art and business. Ten percent of each booth’s sales were donated to charity, Children UP, to help a student in Uganda. The event had a great turn out and supported G.T.O. and the Variety Show.