Debra Segiet

Welcome to Mrs. Segiet's Creative Tech and Project Lead the Way webpage. 


This is a fun and exciting time for technology at Churchville and the other district middle schools as we enter year 6 of our 1:1 initiative.  The Creative Technology curriculum has been updated again over the summer to add additional units for 6th and 7th grade as we are now offering quarter courses. As we know technology is always changing so we need to adapt our curriculum to ensure our students are become College, Career and Life Ready.  We have Steam practices in all grade level curriculum which includes graphic design, video production, web design, coding and robotics.  I am honored and excited to take this journey with the students in the Creative Technology classes.  Linking technology with real world examples will teach students skills such as creativity and innovation, collaboration, digital communication, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making allowing them to become good digital citizens.

PLTW is not on its third year of adoption.  We are so excited to offer these Activity/Project/Problem based courses that offer a gateway view into current careers, teaching skills for future careers we cannot even imagine today.  I have the honor to teach App Creator to seventh grade and this year Automation & Robotics to 8th!  

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