Molly Nechvatal

7th Grade ELA and 7th Grade REACH ELA



The Secrets to Seventh Grade Success


  1.  READ a Lot!  Read novels, articles, biographies, discoveries, directions, love letters, birthday cards, and poetry

  2.  LISTEN to smart people; ask questions and then LISTEN some more

  3. PARTICIPATE in some way with every task.


~ Screens OFF and PUT AWAY by 7 pm
~ 15 - 30 minutes READING / NIGHT
~ 10 -20  minutes STUDYING (G/V/Sp)
~ 5 - 15  minutes FINISH work started in Class 


Were you absent from class today?   
  • It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to complete work, hand in assignments, take quiz ASAP.

  • You may come in at LUNCH or go to STUDY HALL to COMPLETE what you missed.

  • Check POWERSCHOOL for missing or late assignments.

  • Missing work = ZERO;   Late work MAY be penalized up to one letter grade.