8th Grade Algebra

8th Algebra Update 8/18/19

Hello! Welcome to the 8th Grade Algebra web page. I will post an update like this weekly to summarize what we have done and preview what lies ahead. You will also find a weekly calendar updated daily with homework assignments. We had a great first two days of math class. We began by exploring a challenging problem called the handshake problem. Students also shared their methods for calculating the number of cars in a traffic jam. This week, we will begin to explore patterns of operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Though these are topics they have seen before, we will explore them more deeply to look for underlying patterns and develop useful strategies. We will then take a quiz over these topics. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at open house this Thursday night!

8th Algebra Schedule 8/19-8/23




HW: 1) Student/parent information sheet (due Tuesday)

2) Get to know you worksheet (due Tuesday)


*1.01 Investigating Patterns of Addition and Multiplication


HW: 1) Complete worksheets and Google Posts from class

2) Textbook p.10 #6-11 (skip 9c)


*1.01 Continued

*1.02 Patterns with Negative Numbers


HW: 1) p.15 #4-9

2) Quiz 1.01-1.05 likely on Tuesday


*1.03 Extending Patterns of Addition to Negative Numbers


HW: 1) p.21 #7, 8, 10-14 (can write answers on last page of packet from class)

2) Finish first to pages of packet from class

3) Quiz 1.01-1.05 likely on Tuesday


*1.04 Extending Patterns of Multiplication to Negative Numbers


HW: 1) p.25 #8-14

2) Quiz 1.01-1.05 on Tuesday


8th Algebra Schedule 8/12-8/16

Monday Teacher Institute Day NO SCHOOL       
Tuesday Teacher Institute Day


Wednesday Locker Day NO SCHOOL

*Handshake Problem


HW: Traffic Jam Problem


*Handshake and Traffic Jam Problem Debrief

*Classroom Expectations


HW: 1) Student/parent information sheet (due Tuesday)

2) Get to know you worksheet (due Tuesday)